Network Association Coloclue

Colocation where YOU are in control!

Netwerking association Coloclue is a not-for-profit association, started as a hobby project in the free time of employees from several internet providers. We have our own completely independent network, AS8283, that’s connected to various transit providers.

Facilities for members of Coloclue

Included in the fee and at no extra cost unless noted otherwise:

  • space for your server in DCG Amsterdam or euNetworks Amsterdam
  • remote switchable power port
  • serial console poort
    Complete Out-of-Band connection for your BMC card (secured with a VPN connection)
  • Unlimited data traffic (as long as it doesn’t inconvenience others)
  • As many IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as you need, after discussion
  • 24 x 7 access to the server room
  • NO filtered ports
  • 1 Gbps ethernet connection
  • real-time insights into your bandwidth and power use
  • At request an account on our coure routers so you can learn about BGP
  • secondary DNS for your domains through our ‘supermaster’ server in a different network
  • service menu through SSH for reboots, console access, configuring reverse DNS, and requesting access to the data center
  • mailing list and IRC channel for discussions, questions, and fun
  • monthly email with fees overview
  • Coloclue is an association: you have a voice in policy, costs, and technology
  • Unix-only network: no Windows allowed
  • …and of course the sociable Coloclue meet-ups and barbecue!

Want to become a member of Network association Coloclue, or want more information?
Read the FAQ first and if you still have questions, fill out the contact form. Thanks for your interest!