The membership fee consists of three components: a yearly contribution, that makes you a member of the association, a monthly, per server contribution, that covers our fixed costs and finally the cost of the power used per month (measured in kWh). Having a power efficient server saves you money at ColoClue!

(The amounts listed below include VAT)

Yearly association fee (independent of number of servers) EUR 60,00

Because the number of powerbar ports is the limiting factor in how much servers can be placed in a rack, we made this the basis for the calculation of the per server contribution per month. This results in the following:

Power ports Rack space Base contribution (monthly) Power cost (monthly)
1 1 or 2 U EUR 30,00* EUR 0,45 per kWh
Extra component (1 U rack space, extra network port, extra OOB port**)
EUR 5,00 per month

* This includes data traffic, 1 remotely manageable power plug and Out-of-Band management interface (serial, extra network port or extra vlan).

** There can only 1 serial OOB port provided per power port.

If you compare us to $different_party, be sure to compare apples to apples! And which other provider gives you a login on the core routers?