Coloclue polo shirts

We already had these years ago, the beautiful gray Coloclue polo shirts. By now they look washed out, you’ve outgrown them or you donated them to charity.

No worries! This year you can look excellent again at SHA2017, NLNOG meetings or our own BBQ. The first one’s free, so that’s a good deal.

We can imagine you might want to order more. They’re of course great to get for yourself, but it’s also a fun idea for a gift (mother’s day, Christmas, sysadmin-day). In that case you can just buy them at production cost, 20 EUR each, shipping costs included.

You can transfer the money for the extra polo shirts to our bank account: NL46 INGB 0009 5926 86 (BIC: INGBNL2A) attn. Netwerkvereniging Coloclue in Almere. Remember to mention your member number and ‘POLO’.